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Limoncello Limoncello by BETTO CESARETTI from Nerea

Ingredients for a litre of alcohol 95°.

10 lemons medium-sized non-treated (it's important to avoid poisoning).
1 liter of water
1 liter of alcohol 95°
1 kilogram of sugar


Peel lemons with a potato husks, remove only the yellow part to avoid making the back bitter taste.

Put the skins in a jar hermetically closed in a dark room for a month, with a litre of alcohol.
(Shake as much as possible). 

Then after a month filter to remove the skins.

Use a coffee filter.

Take the skins and add a litre of water with the kilo of sugar.

Make it boil at low heat.

Boll up for a couple of minutes.

Make it cool, filter and add it to the first juice

Preserve it for at least one month in the dark.

Preserve it as much as possible while waiting for the best opportunity to drink it, you can't drink it alone.

Serve cold at a temperature of -10° C.

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